Breast Enlargement: 5+ Natural Ways to Grow Bigger Breasts

Birth Control Pills

Estrogen is the main female sex hormone in birth control pills that prevents unwanted pregnancy. Taking the pill may cause a slight increase in the breast size of many women, however some women experience no change at all.

Despite this fact, it is best to avoid taking birth control pills specifically to increase breast size because of the dangerous and unwanted side effects it can cause, which include:

  • Mood swings
  • Lower libido
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Weight gain
  • Spotting between periods

Warning: Never use birth control for the specific purpose of developing larger breasts. If a physician has not prescribed the pill to address issues such as painful and irregular periods or preventing an unwanted pregnancy while sexually active, discuss alternative options for achieving more breast growth.

Hormonal Therapies

Hormone therapy is another option for increasing breast size through either swallowing pills, using topical medications or receiving injections that contain high concentrations of hormones. Breast growth is common with high doses of specific hormones (such as estrogen), but this method may also cause unwanted side effects.

  1. Progesterone

As a female reproductive hormone produced naturally by the body like estrogen, extra progesterone may lead to a small increase in breast size. However, the main purpose of progesterone supplementation is to stop the lining of the uterus from getting too thick during the menstrual cycle.

Progesterone therapy is linked to several common side effects:

  • Excessive coughing
  • Unwanted hair growth
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Joint pain
  • Vaginal irritation
  • Acne
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Depression (rare)

Warning: Because of the powerful effect that progesterone has on the reproductive system and hormones, it is best to avoid using it for breast enhancement, and instead only taking it for medical reasons, as recommended by a physician.

  1. Estrogen

Like progesterone, estrogen is a female reproductive hormone that the body produces naturally. However, when the body does not produce adequate estrogen on its own, doctors prescribe replacement therapy for reasons such as menopause and its symptoms.

A minor side effect of estrogen therapy is a slight increase in breast size.

A doctor’s recommendation and guidance should always accompany any form of estrogen hormone therapy to avoid serious side effects, which include:

  • Weight gain
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Nausea
  • Headaches
  • Breast tenderness
  • Higher risk of cancer (ovarian, endometrial and breast)
  • Increased risk of developing a blood clot or having a stroke

Warning: Avoid using the estrogen specifically to achieve a larger bust size. Doing this increases the risk of developing short and long-term side effects, which negatively impact health and cause life threatening conditions.

Note: Several studies show that in most cases, hormone therapy with estrogen and phytoestrogen is not effective for making breasts larger.

Take Antidepressants

A common side effect of some antidepressant medications (which are also known as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs) is developing slightly larger breasts.

Compared to other types of antidepressant treatments, SSRIs are safe to use, however they may cause unwanted side effects, which include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea
  • Lower sex drive
  • Headache
  • Restless sleep
  • Weight gain

Warning: Even though they are not unsafe or complicated to use, it is best to avoid using SSRIs solely to get bigger breasts. Consult with a physician, and if they will not prescribe an antidepressant for a specific medical issue, discuss safer and more effective alternatives for breast enlargement.

Be Patient

No matter what way you choose it will take time to see results. Also, depending on current age, full breast development many not have happened as yet.  This is particularly true for teenagers and younger women. Many women experience growth in their breasts after puberty due to increasing age, weight gain, hormone therapy (taking birth control) and having children.

Wait for more time to pass to determine what the ultimate natural breast size will be.

Ways to Make Small Breast Look Big

If doing exercises, taking herbal remedies and dietary changes fail to make your breast grow naturally, there are other options that can make breast appear to be much bigger than they actually are, which include:

  1. Wear Push-up or Padded Bras

Padded and push-up bras provide a fast and temporary way of making breasts appear slightly bigger or much larger than normal, depending on the type.

Before buying a padded or push-up bra it is best to have a proper bra fitting done for the best results. Selecting a modestly padded bra makes breasts look bigger without looking unnaturally large.

To use this method of making breasts look bigger without suffering through an embarrassing experience, never use tissue paper, socks or other items to stuff the bra.

  1. Contour Breasts With Makeup

Make breasts appear larger by using makeup to create the optical illusion of more cleavage.

  • Get dressed in the final bra and clothing to be worn, before protecting the fabric by covering the front of the outfit with a piece of tissue.
  • Use a powder or bronzer in a dark color to shade the skin in between the breasts as well as the natural curve above each breasts forming a subtle V-shape.
  • Use a powder in a light color (peach or gold) to highlight the top portion of each breast.
  • Make the breasts look fuller and more naturally enhanced by blending the areas where the lighter and darker powder colors meet with a makeup sponge.
  1. Maintain Good Posture

Practicing proper posture instantly makes breasts appear bigger and lifted, while hunching the back, as well as slouching or slumping, makes breasts appear small and droopy.

  • Keep the head high, chest out, shoulders back and spine straight.
  • Instead of folding arms across the chest, keep them by the sides to stand taller and more confidently.
  • Avoid sliding the neck forward by consciously keeping it as straight as possible.
  • Maintain proper posture while standing and walking to make breasts appear larger at all times.
  1. Emphasize Breasts With Clothes

Using clothing to emphasize the breasts is a simple and effective method of making them appear larger, and there are several ways to accomplish this:

  • Look for clothing designs that feature patterns (such as horizontal stripes) and frills that go across the chest.
  • Wear low cut necklines that highlight cleavage modestly.
  • Make breasts appear larger by wearing color-blocked tops that feature two different colors (one color over the breasts and the other below).
  • Enhance the bust line by wearing clothing that fans out immediately below the breasts.
  • Look for built-in padding and underwire to give breast a perky and full look.
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing (such as tube and halter tops), which can flatten breasts and make them look smaller.
  • Wear a necklace with a pendant that hangs between the breasts to draw attention to them.
  1. Wear a Well-fitted Bra

Studies confirm that out of every ten women, at least eight of them are wearing the incorrect brassiere size.

Wearing the wrong size bra, whether too big or two small, can make breasts appear much smaller than they actually are. However, wearing the correct size bra makes the most of actual breast size and makes them appear as big as they possibly can.

Use the following tips to find the best fitting bra:

  • Figure out the correct band size (area around rib cage and back) before selecting a cup size.
  • Wear the bra hooked for the most comfort, and not where it is tightest, for the best fit.
  • Avoid bras that ride up in the back.
  • Wear bras according to outfit type and style to make breasts appear as big as possible.

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