7+ Best Ways to Grow Thicker, Longer Eyelashes Naturally

Many women invest in fake eyelashes and buy lash accelerator mascaras just to make their eyelashes appear longer and thicker. While these cosmetic products may give you that gorgeous look, they tend to do more harm than good in the long run.

Constantly gluing on fake eyelashes may cause your natural lashes thin out. What’s even worse is wearing fake eyelashes regularly for long stretches of time can cause bacteria to build up between the eyelash glue and fake lash. This may lead to serious eye infections that can give rise to vision problems. Applying tons of mascara daily, on the other hand, can sometimes damage your eyelashes and cause them to fall out in clumps.

Therefore, growing your eyelashes naturally is the best way to go if you want them to become fuller, longer, and attractive. And the great news is that you can grow thick lashes easily, safely, and inexpensively regardless of your genes. All you have to do is add a few natural ingredients to your daily beauty regimen.

Before we delve into the various natural ways of growing your lashes, let’s take a quick look at the growth cycle of eyelashes.

Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

Yes, eyelashes grow back when they fall off. In fact, the falling off and growing back of lashes is a natural cycle. In addition to shedding naturally, eyelashes can also fall off when you’re applying mascara, using an eyelash curler, or engaging in any activity aimed at styling your lashes.

Under normal circumstances, each fallen eyelash will simply grow back without any effort from you. However, the speed in which they do is determined largely by your diet and whether you’re giving your lashes enough breathing room and care. For eyelashes to grow back longer and fuller, a lot of effort and the right quality products are required.

While the falling off and growing back of eyelashes is normal, sudden acute loss of your lashes may be a sign of a serious underlying problem. Some of the conditions associated with sudden and severe eyelash loss include hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, and alopecia areata.

Therefore, it’s wise to consult your doctor if your eyelashes suddenly start falling out in clumps and take as much as 2 to 4 months to grow back.

Effectives Ways

There are countless of regimens for growing thicker and longer eyelashes that different people vouch for. Keep in mind, though, that not all beauty regimens work. If you want to try some of the proven and best ways to grow thicker, longer eyelashes fast, here are a few suggestions to get you started on the right path.

  1. Eyelash Growth Serum

Lack of enough vitamins B, C, and fat-soluble vitamins has been cited as one of the most common causes of eyelash thinning and loss. Therefore, one of the best ways to get your eyelashes to grow back longer and thicker is to find a way to incorporate these vitamins into your diet. And what better way to do so than to make your very own eyelash growth serum that consists of these vitamins?

A simple yet effective eyelash growth serum can be made by mixing the following ingredients:

  • 1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon castor oil
  • 1 teaspoon emu oil (you can also use extra castor oil as an alternative)
  • 2 capsules vitamin E oil (optional)

Once you’ve properly mixed all of the listed ingredients, store the serum in a small dropper bottle. A dropper bottle helps to prevent wastage of the serum by enabling you to easily squeeze out a drop of the solution on your finger or cotton swab and gently apply onto your eyelash line.

The great thing about this homemade serum is that it can last for up to a year when stored in an airtight container. Therefore, you can double or triple the ingredients to ensure you have enough serum to last you through the year.

Home Remedies

Provided you’re not suffering from a serious health problem, fallen eyelashes will grow back naturally over time. However, if you don’t have the patience to wait for natural eyelash re-growth or want to increase your chances of your lashes growing back longer and more luscious, you can use the following home remedies.

  1. Coconut Oil
Coconut oil can also be used as a standalone remedy for inducing eyelash growth. It is known for being rich in vitamins, essential nutrients, and can effectively renew scalp hair as well as lashes and eyebrows. It makes eyelashes longer, soft and shiny.
For the purpose of increasing the length and density of eyelashes, melt the oil (which should only take a few seconds on a stove or in the microwave) into a liquid and gently apply it with a clean mascara wand or a cotton ball daily till you get the desired results. Do not use it while it is still hot.


  1. VaselineVaseline to Grow Eyelashes

Vaseline offers you an easy, cheap, and quick way of increasing the length and thickness of your lashes. The best way to make use of Vaseline is by swiping a little of it onto your eyelashes every night before bed. This enables the Vaseline to work its magic overnight and helping you to achieve faster results.

  1. Brushing Your Eyelashes

As odd as it may sound, the simple act of brushing your eyelashes at least twice daily can accelerate their growth and allow them to become thicker. Daily brushing of the eyelashes softens and thickens the lashes while eliminating dirt and other particles that are clogging pores and making it difficult for hair to grow.

Additionally, regular brushing stimulates growth of lashes by boosting blood circulation, which in turn enables more nutrients to reach the hair follicles.

For best results, follow this simple brushing process:

  • Apply petroleum jelly onto your eyelashes (you can use your fingers or a fine eyelash brush/comb to do so).
  • Gently brush your eyelashes using slow upward strokes from the root of the lashes to the tips. Do this for about 5 minutes twice daily until you’ve achieved your desired results.

  1. Olive Oil

Widely used for its hair thickening benefits, olive oil delivers the same results when applied onto your eyelashes. The oil features vitamin E and oleic acid, both of which add volume to eyelashes as well as nourish damaged lashes.

Olive oil also throws in the additional benefit of darkening the eyelashes. This benefit is particularly useful for people who have very light eyelashes that are not easily seen.

By applying olive oil to your lashes every night before going to bed, you’ll be able to see significant thicker, darker, and healthier eyelash growth within a month or two.

  1. Eyelid Massages

Massaging your eyelashes more than twice a day delivers the same results as olive oil in the sense that it improves blood flow and thus allow nutrients to reach the hair follicles.

Generally, the better the blood flow, the faster the hair growth and the less the thinning and breaking of eyelashes. Therefore, you can combine olive oil and eyelid massaging for results that are more effective.

To do so:

  • Apply a dab of olive oil onto your eyelids and lashes
  • Using circular motions, massage your eyelids and lash line with your fingertips continuously for 5 to 10 minutes.
  1. Castor Oil

Castor oil is a powerful ingredient that will benefit your lashes in several ways.

  • Firstly, the oil is a powerful follicle stimulator that encourages follicles to generate more lashes.
  • Secondly, castor oil gets rid of any microorganisms present in the lashes that are hampering growth.
  • And thirdly, castor oil will nourish your lashes and help them to become healthier, stronger, and resistant to breakage.

Castor oil on its own can give noticeable results when used daily. However, you can increase the oil’s effectiveness by mixing it with equal measures of vitamin E or fresh aloe vera gel.

Whichever way you choose to use castor oil, be sure to apply the oil before bedtime and rinse your lashes in the morning with warm water. Results will start showing after 2 to 3 months.

  1. Lemon Peels

Although lemon peels may not seem like an ideal option for stimulating eyelash growth, they’re actually one of the best remedies for lengthening and thickening your lashes naturally.

The peels of lemon are loaded with vitamin B, C, folic acid, and a few other essential nutrients. All of these nutrients have the ability to improve the overall health of your lashes as well as promote quicker growth. The peels also have cleansing and stimulating properties that enhance the growth of eyelashes.

Since placing lemon peels directly onto your eyelashes may irritate the eyes, it’s best to use the following more subtle approach:

  • Soak a moderately dried lemon peel in a jar containing olive oil or castor oil.
  • Let the mixture sit for several days to allow the oil to absorb the qualities of the lemon peel.
  • Remove the lemon peel and transfer the oil into an airtight container of dropper bottle.
  • Start applying a bit of the oil onto your lashes every night before going to bed.
  • You can stop using your homemade lemon infused oil when you get results or continue applying it to enjoy continuous accelerated lash growth and replenishment.
  1. Emu Oil

Another very effective remedy for growing thick eyelashes is emu oil. Derived from a large Australian bird that resembles an ostrich, emu oil is a versatile substance that offers a wide range of uses. These include treating pain and bruises to stimulating hair growth and improving the hair’s overall health.

The oil contains linoleic acid, which helps to thicken hair as well as prevent hair loss. Emu oil also functions as a natural hair conditioner, which strengthens hair. Dabbing a small amount of this oil daily onto the tips of your eyelids will help your lashes to experience both longer and thicker growth.

  1. Aloe Vera

When used continuously for several months, aloe vera will help you achieve long and thick eyelashes thanks to the nutrients and vitamins found in this plant. Aloe vera also moisturizes eyelashes to give them a beautiful and healthy look.

Aloe vera works best when it’s fresh. So, make sure to only apply freshly squeezed aloe vera gel onto your lashes right before going to bed.

  1. Eggs

Eggs contain biotin and vitamin B, both of which improve the texture of hair. Eggs are also high in protein, which is known for its hair strengthening and lengthening benefits. Applying egg mixture onto your lashes regularly for several months will help you to achieve thicker and longer eyelashes.

To use this home remedy option:

  • Beat an egg and apply a few drops of the egg-mixture onto your lashes.
  • Let the egg mixture sit on the lashes for at least 15 minutes before rinsing it out with cold water.
  1. Green Tea

Green tea is known for its extensive range of benefits including the growth of eyelashes. Thanks to its flavonoid-rich nature, green tea stimulates growth of eyelashes and cleans follicles to allow for even more growth.

The best way to use green tea for longer lashes is to:

  • Prepare a cup of unsweetened green tea and set it aside to cool.
  • Once cooled sufficiently, pour a bit of the tea on a cotton swab and apply the tea onto your lashes.
  • Allow the tea to sit on your lashes for 15 minutes and then rinse your lashes with cold water.
  • You can do this several times a day at your own convenience
  1. Almond Oil

Since antioxidants and vitamin E are vital for normal hair development and growth, almond oil makes a great option for nourishing your eyelashes. Not only is the oil rich in vitamin E, it also has antioxidant qualities that will allow your lashes to thrive.

All the above-mentioned home remedies make excellent alternatives to mascaras and fake lashes. These home remedies are also cheaper, safer, and more effective in the sense that they deliver long-lasting results.

However, the effectiveness of these remedies can be affected by poor eye hygiene and nutrition. Therefore, it’s advisable to combine whatever home remedy options you choose with proper eye hygiene and a diet.

Washing your face daily will help to keep dirt and bacteria under control while eating foods rich in protein, and vitamins A, B, C, and D will give your lashes the nutritional boost they need to achieve and maintain a healthy growth rate.

You should also avoid activities that accelerate the shedding of your eyelashes, as that will only serve to counteract the effects of whatever growth remedy you will be using.

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