About BeyondDisease.com

Welcome to Beyond Disease, a website that aims to empower people make informed decisions about their health based on the current scientific, medical and anecdotal evidence available.

BeyondDisease.com is dedicated to providing research based highest quality information on everything to do with health in general. Here you will find helpful and detailed information on topics related to health and disease.

This site offers information on different aspects of well being and latest developments to combat various diseases. You can check back here frequently to see new updates as and when they happen.

Who we are?

My name is Andy and I’m the founder of this website. BeyondDisease.com presents information on conventional western and alternative medicine for everyday diseases. We research popular and working remedies from across the web and present them here in easy to assimilate way. We save our visitors from needlessly spending time and energy searching for what works and what not.

Why we are doing this?

All the disease plaguing human life has a cure. The only problem we believe is getting the right information on what works in each case. As such we created this website to help people become aware of every possible remedy that western and traditional medicine has provided at one place.